Sergio Laskin

My mind is an open invitation for true collaborative partnerships, with clients and talented people from all creative disciplines. My approach is to be smart, simple, honest and effective.

I am committed to meeting commercial objectives, delivering creativity, on budget and on time. My vision is to be famous for creating stunningly colorful brands. To be number one for creativity and effectiveness.

Some of my values:
Listening – digging deep to get to the truth, being authentic, inquisitive and listening to what’s out there. Being open.
Being courageous – a tiger not a sheep, being brave, making a difference, and always being one step ahead.
Taking action – you won’t score if you don’t shoot, delivering performance, making it happen, listening to your instinct.
Enjoy the moment – it’s not just about getting there, it’s about the journey too. Make sure you have fun on the way.

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