Gnadio Cafe, UAE

Specialty coffee place born in hot desert to bring cool breeze

Branding, packaging, photography, social media content, web design

Art direction: Sergio Laskin
Design: Charles Lee
Photography & Videography: Sergio Laskin


Logo design

Initially, Gnadio cafe supposed to be Dieters cafe, since one of main accent would be healthy and delicious food, but as it sometimes happens – the name changed.

But we decided to keep just one element from previous sketches – X.


So what is Gnadio?

GNADIO is the feeling you have after tasting a really good coffee. The funny and cute thing is that a lot of visitors ask how to pronounce it or what does it mean. We see it as a good thing – if people ask – they surely will remember it!

gnadio white base2

Why X?

Honestly, we were a bit worried that this sign will be seen as + by some people (if you don’t know – UAE is a muslim country, so we didn’t want any misunderstanding because we see coffee and deserts as something that unites everyone). But also we knew this X would be a very catchy symbol for driving attention to our branded merch.



We wanted to create a bit unusual cafe – white with corporate colors as accents. This way we wanted to emphasize the essence of clean, simple and airy attitude towards life. Plus, it looks good!


Takeaway packaging

Having X on each branded packaging gives us a chance to say more by showing less!

Social content

To support the whole aesthetic of a brand, we decided to create content in a very light style, with bold shadows, simple textures, vivid colors.

All of materials are a good match, so it’s quite easy to combine different pictures to get fresh and minimalistic feed.


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