Gnadio Cafe, UAE

Specialty coffee place born in hot desert to bring cool breeze

Branding, packaging, photography, social media content, web design


Logo design

Initially, Gnadio cafe supposed to be Dieters cafe, since one of main accent would be healthy and delicious food, but as it sometimes happens – the name changed.

But we decided to keep just one element from previous sketches – X.


So what is Gnadio?

GNADIO is the feeling you have after tasting a really good coffee. The funny and cute thing is that a lot of visitors ask how to pronounce it or what does it mean. We see it as a good thing – if people ask – they surely will remember it!

gnadio white base2

Why X?

Honestly, we were a bit worried that this sign will be seen as + by some people (if you don’t know – UAE is a muslim country, so we didn’t want any misunderstanding because we see coffee and deserts as something that unites everyone). But also we knew this X would be a very catchy symbol for driving attention to our branded merch.



We wanted to create a bit unusual cafe – white with corporate colors as accents. This way we wanted to emphasize the essence of clean, simple and airy attitude towards life. Plus, it looks good!


Takeaway packaging

Having X on each branded packaging gives us a chance to say more by showing less!

Social content

To support the whole aesthetic of a brand, we decided to create content in a very light style, with bold shadows, simple textures, vivid colors.

All of materials are a good match, so it’s quite easy to combine different pictures to get fresh and minimalistic feed.