Mr. Fox cafe

Very interesting and fresh project! What is Mr. Fox is about – healthy take away sandwiches, salads, smoothies, cashew milk, à la carte breakfast and lunch. What most important is that they serve gluten free, lactose free and vegan food as well!
I will present small part of a design process.
Interesting fact – one of Mr.Fox co-owners is Karina Krasovicka, owner of super cool Riga brand – Arbooz, that is situated right next to Mr.Fox


Firstly, we were looking for the ideal and suitable head shape


Firstly, we were looking for the ideal and suitable head shape


Once we’ve found the most suitable one – we started to explore if we want it to keep simple or colored.

logo copy
As soon as we got first look on the wallpapers – we knew this is the right color combo.
Packaging had to be simple and flat to highlight the product itself.
IMG_0587 (1)
IMG_6439 (1)
IMG_6411 (1)

Menu design is also pretty simple, since we had to fit in all the information in A3 format

IMG_0590 (1)
IMG_6418 (1)
IMG_0600 copy (1)
IMG_0608 (1)

Interior design is made by Agnes Rudzite

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