Free O’clock. Hong Kong.

Repackaging of well established tea brand Free O’clock from Hong Kong.
As long as you step into FREEOCLOCK, you can feel a free country without time limit, that leads you into the world of tea.

Featured in:

Packaging, 3d rendering

Art direction: Sergio Laskin
Illustration: Diana Renjina
Rendering: Dmitry Novikov


Design direction

FREEOCLOCK, which is very similar to the teatime THREE O’CLOCK, Tea Time, is a relaxing tea time. But FREEOCLOCK means no time limit, and it’s time to taste tea all the time. Exploring the mystery of tea and the journey of life, we came up with 7 different illustrations.

patterns_stripes copyFreeOClock---All-2FreeOClock - Composition 01 (1)-2

Each tea blend has it’s own personality and feel to it, forming strong and vivid product line.