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A food and still life photographer that strives to capture the simple everyday moment with a sense of wonder and rich painterly color.
Passion for ecommerce, food and food culture works in conjunction with joy of photographing it.

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We are an agency that offers a full list of creative services

  • Moodboards
  • Locations scouting
  • Talents casting
  • Advanced Photo Editing
  • Social Media adaptation
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Color correction and Effects

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    Types of Product Images Every Ecommerce Store Needs

    Lifestyle photography

    Lifestyle product photography aims to convey to potential customers how a product can enhance their daily lives. Consequently, the image should accurately depict the practical application of the product.

    It’s important to avoid lifestyle shots that appear contrived or overly theatrical, as they won’t effectively establish a connection with your audience. Instead, strive for authenticity in your photography.

    Studio image shots

    When it comes to effectively showcasing your product with clarity and visual appeal to the public, studio photography is frequently the preferred choice.

    Studio product photos prioritize transparency and are commonly employed for product and catalog pages. They leave no room for ambiguity; the image should precisely represent the product.

    Process shots

    Crafting premium products involves a significant amount of skill and attention to detail, distinguishing them from inexpensive replicas.

    Capturing professional images of skilled artisans crafting these goods can prove invaluable for enhancing your brand’s reputation and fostering stronger connections with customers.

    Packaging shots

    Effective product packaging holds significant importance in the realm of ecommerce. Given that products are shipped directly to customers’ homes, it becomes crucial for the packaging to provide complete protection to the contents while also serving as a powerful brand representation.

    Professionally executed packaging photographs serve to communicate the company’s branding identity and reaffirm the customer’s confidence that they will receive their order intact and in excellent working condition.

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